• Valve Casting

    Valve Casting
    The common valve castings in daily production and life include valve body casting, cast carbon steel gate...
  • Mining Machinery Casting Parts

    Mining Machinery Casting Parts
    Mining machinery castings can be used in many mining machines, including crusher, ball mill, mixer, powde...
  • Pump Casting Parts

    Pump Casting Parts
    The cylinder liner, cylinder head, draw bar, pressing plate of the piston, cup, piston seat, piston rod, ...
  • Motor Casting

    Motor Casting
    Casting has wide application in the electric machine industry. As for medium and small motor, the motor c...

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The Functions of Pouring System of Investment Castings

Compared with other casting methods, the pouring system of investment castings has more functions which are summarized below:(1) Mold filling passageMake sure the molten metal smoothly and steadily fi...

The Main Types and Characteristics of Sand Mold

The moulding is a process of making a cavity or mould out of sand by means of a pattern. The molten metal is poured into the moulds to produce casting.1. Green sand molds - mixture of sand, clay, and ...

The Production Status of Aluminum Casting in Auto Parts Industry

After the development in recent years, the auto parts industry of our country has developed towards calorization and tempering. The number of copper casting decreases and the production size of alumin...

What is Stainless Steel Investment Casting Technology

Stainless steel investment casting technology, simply put it, refers to use fusible materials such as wax or plastics to make fusible mould which can be called fired mold or mold for short, paint seve...

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